Automotive Equipment Financing and Leasing

Automotive Equipment Financing and Leasing

Every year, over 1 billion in automotive equipment is leased by businesses throughout the United States. The figure itself stands testament to just how many individuals believe in short-term and long-term leasing when it comes to expanding their business, and therefore, improving their daily lives.

This is where CapitalDrip comes in.

As a household name for equipment leasing and working capital loans, we have long dedicated ourselves to helping small and medium-sized businesses get off the ground and prosper. It takes a bit of time, but remains entirely in the hands of the client through our vendor finance model. We like to think of the model as a one-stop shop, because it gives all customers an improved and integrated model for handling their company financing.

Even more, as a vendor, you’ll receive improved cash flow almost immediately. Whether through pre-funding or financing a down payment, you can expect to see a collection of the balance the day our equipment delivers to your doorstep. There’s no use in worrying if a customer has the capital budget or finance themselves, because CapitalDrip has structured a model that prizes a faster sales cycle above all else.

According to the United States Department of Commerce, a whopping 80% of U.S. companies lease a portion or all of their equipment. That may be the right choice for your clientele, considering the financial benefits involved. For example, with the volume of cash flow and tax benefits a customer can start receiving, leasing or financing often becomes the simplest way to ensure new and used equipment can continue to be acquired.

We could talk for ages about the benefits of client leasing, though the logic speaks for itself. Imagine for a second that your finances are limited, but your business aspirations remain ever growing. Instead of daydreaming about what could have been, CapitalDrip provides an alternative that facilitates what will be. By not paying upfront immediately, a client is able to spread out payments over time and take their business growth day-by-day.

The beauty of CapitalDrip is that it truly mirrors what America has always had to offer: freedom. By working closely with one of our associates, you’ll learn all about daily expenses, short and long-term leases, and what will not appear on a company’s financial record. We also maintain strong partnerships with our automotive equipment vendors, which help us ultimately support you and your customers with whatever you’re looking for.

For more information regarding CapitalDrip and automotive leases, please take a look at our inventory below. To set up a meeting with one of our associates, you can also give us a ring at +1 (877) 912-0725. We look forward to speaking with you!

Automotive Equipment Lease Types

  • Wheel Balancers
  • Alignment Machines
  • Automotive Lifts
  • Frame Machines
  • Paint Booths
  • Tire Changers
  • Crankshaft Balancers
  • Point-of-Sale Equipment
  • Spot welders
  • Software (Estimating and/or Administrative)
  • Pipe Benders
  • Brake Lathes
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • A/C Service Equipment
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • And much more

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$198 / month for 60 months
$20 / weekly for 52 weeks

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