Mining Equipment Leasing and Financing

Mining Equipment Leasing and Financing

Did you know that 80% of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment (figures provided by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce). Leasing Mining Equipment might be the right choice for your customers. Consider these facts:

  • Total Control of the sale – CapitalDrip vendor finance model is designed with a seamless integration to give the perception that you are handling the financing. Don’t “refer” your customers to a third party finance source when you can become a one stop shop.
  • Improved Vendor cash flow – Through pre-funding or financing of the down payment, as well as reduced receivables through collection of the balance upon delivery of your equipment.
  • Faster Sales Cycle – No more worrying if your customer has the capital budget or if they can or will make the effort to find financing on their own.

Over 1 billion in Mining Equipment is leased each year by businesses in the United States – Because of the many cash flow and tax benefits, lease/financing is becoming the preferred way of acquiring new & used equipment.

Facts about Mining Equipment Leasing

Leasing enables your customers to get the Mining Equipment they need immediately, while spreading payments out over time. So, capital is available for day-to-day expenses or unexpected contingencies. Since a lease isn’t a long-term liability, is won’t appear on a company’s financial statements. This makes it a very attractive option for many companies. At CapitalDrip, we specialize in partnering with equipment vendors in the Mining industry and have a dedicated team ready to support you and your customers.

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$198 / month for 60 months
$20 / weekly for 52 weeks

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