Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Any restaurant owner knows that having the right equipment in their establishment can make or break their business. Unfortunately, sometimes small and medium sized businesses do not have the capital available needed to purchase new cooking equipment, refrigeration machines, furniture and other essentials. That’s where the team at CapitalDrip is here to help. With our equipment leasing services, any type of restaurant can acquire the equipment they need, and we’re here to help vendors make this a possibility for their customers. If you are a restaurant equipment vendor, there are a few reasons why you should take advantage of our leasing services.

Equipment leasing is beneficial to both the vendor and the company they lease to because it creates a faster sales cycle. No longer will you need to worry and wait around for your customers to have the capital budget necessary to purchase equipment, and the restaurant owners can expect several tax advantages. Better yet, an equipment lease is not classified as any type of debt, and can instead be written off as a monthly expense. They will spread out payments over time rather than paying full price for a piece of equipment upfront, which in turn will give them additional funds that they can use on the day to day operations of their restaurant.

We offer several types of leases that will allow you to lease paging systems, cooking equipment, microwave, ice machines, furniture, bar tools and just about anything else that restaurants need to serve food and drinks to their customers. You can take advantage of either our fair market value or dollar buyout lease services, and we also offer several additional programs if you are in need of other options. We strive to make the equipment leasing process as simple as possible for vendors and restaurant owners, and your customers don’t even have to know we’re involved.

If you want to experience benefits like improved cash flow and a faster sales cycle, you can take advantage of our restaurant equipment leasing services in no time. You can apply now by filling out our online form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Of course, if you have any questions about how our restaurant equipment leasing program works, please give us a call today!

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